UDGAAR | Kab Honge Kamyab | 2nd April 2017

Date – 02nd April 2017
Theme – Kab Honge Kamyab (Success Formula to make India the world Leader)
Speakers – HH Gopal Krishna Goswami Maharaj (ISKCON GBC & BBT Trustee), HH Bhakti Anughrah Janardan Swami (ISKCON Sanyasi), Mr. Vijay Goel (Minister of Sports and Youth Affairs) Mr. Samvit Patra (BJP spokesperson), Dr. P B Sharma (Vice Chancellor-AmityUniversity), Braj Mohan Das (GBC College), Sundar Gopal Das (Director-ISKCON Youth Forum)
Venue – Siri Fort Auditorium, New Delhi
Participants – Around 2500 (IIT, IIIT-D,  Delhi University,  Delhi Technological University and others)

ISKCON Delhi organized its mega Youth Fest, “UDGAAR- an Expression of Goodness and Joy”, at Siri Fort Auditorium on the evening of 2nd April. Mr. Vijay Goel, Min. of Sports and Youth Affairs was the Chief Guest at the fest, and Mr. Samvit Patra- BJP spokesperson, was the guest of honor. Amongst other prominent guests at the function were: HH Bhakti Anughrah Janardan Swami, Dr. P B Sharma, VC-Amity University, Braj Mohan Das (GBC College), Vrajendra Nandan Das (Director-ISKCON National Communications)
The event was attended by 2500 youngsters, including students of following institutes: IIT, IIIT-D,  Delhi University,  Delhi Technological University and others.
The fest included talks by the guests and HH Gopal Krishna Goswami from ISKCON, a quiz show: Kaun Banega Krishna Conscious, in which participants answered questions from Indian epics and  won prizes on stage; “Madman” a stunning 90 minute drama, which reflected story of a young Delhi boy, who wishes to know why there is so much corruption, crime and unemployment in the nation, and is ready to leave no stone unturned in restoring it lost glory ; “Kaliya Krishna”- a dance play and a rocking performance by ISKCON’s California-based international band, “Namrock” which played Hare Krishna Mantra and other songs in English lyrics that inspired youngsters to add spirituality to their lives. They used electric guitar and drums  for the rock performance, a crowd of around 200 youth rushed onto stage to dance along with band members.
Mr. Vijay Goel thanked ISKCON for organizing and inviting him for the fest. He shared how the central govt. is keeping care and development of youth in focus. Mr. Patra, praised ISKCON Founder Bhaktivedanta Swami who suffered two heart attacks at age of seventy while traveling to the US in 1965 to establish ISKCON there, he eventually achieved the feat due to his immense faith and dependence on Lord Krishna, he added. HH Gopal Krishna Goswami said ISKCON is propagating India’s spiritual culture all over the world by offering spiritual education.
The purpose of the fest, said Sundar Gopal Das, the Director of ISKCON Youth Forum Delhi, is to introduce spirituality as the only way to revive values in society and to inspire youngsters to spread positivity in society.
The entry to the venue had to be opened ahead of schedule due to traffic congestion caused by long ques outside the main gate. Srila Prabhupada books stall had been set in the venue complex, which also housed a “Discussion Desk” to answer spiritual questions and galleries showcasing ISKCON’s global contribution. The students were looking very enthralled as they walked out of the auditorium. ” I had attended many such fests in college, but this was different in the sense that it provided along with entertainment unique knowledge, that is not to be found elsewhere, ” said Ashish Kushwaha, an economics honors student from Delhi University.

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